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Save time and money by automating your processes with a combination of Forms and Workflows. No coding knowledge is needed with our easy-to-use drag & drop interfaces. The possibilities are endless.

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Build online forms

Use a drag and drop editor to build online forms. Customise the look to how you want it. There are many field types available such as text, number, date/time, file upload, signature pad, dropdowns, labels and more.


Create powerful Workflows

Create a workflow that is triggered on new, updated or deleted items. Easily create workflows with Drag-Drop. There’s an abundance of actions you can take in a workflow from logic operations, string manipulation, math, document creation, API calls, user creations, SQL queries, run scripts, and so much more on the way.

Use Case

Endless possibilities. Some inspiration

The limit is your imagination but take a look at some simple samples

Contact Form

Make a contact form, put it on your website and have the workflow automatically email yourself, and the person enquiring when submitted.

Leave Form

Have an online form that gets approval from the persons manager. If approved, make a calendar entry and notify the requestor. If rejected, send an SMS


An online form asking for the users details. The workflow could create an Active Directory account, setup other SaaS services, and email the manager with details.

Order Forms

Your customer fills out the form, the workflow emails the user, prints out a barcode, emails the factory floor and books a courier pickup via an API call.

Change Details

The user requests to change details. The workflow seeks approval and once done, updates all different systems with string manipulation, SQL queries and API calls.

Make a robot move

Have a form that asks what position to move to. The workflow then using a mix of some advanced scripts, math functions and API calls and integrations makes a robot do what you want.


We're in BETA.

Our underlying codebase is our own and built from the ground up. It is designed to be scalable, modular, and lightning-quick (fun fact; most actions are processed in under 30ms). This means there will be bugs, though - it’s just the nature of software.

By participating in the beta program, not only do you help shape how the product operates, but it's free, and when we go live, you will also have lifelong perks such as:

  • ● Access to an exclusive free-forever tier when we go live
  • ● Heavily discounted ongoing subscriptions
  • ● Premium support tier
  • ● Access to invite only events

To be eligible for this, we ask that you create an account (using an email that you will keep) and that you play around. If you have feedback, find a bug, or have suggestions, you can click the 'Feedback' button that’s found on every page and fill in a very quick brief.

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Create your Table

The table is where your data is stored. A form will create or update rows in tables. Tables consist of different columns.

Create a Form

Create a form that either updates an existing record or creates a new record. Jump into the designer to begin.

Create a Workflow

The Workflow designer is easy to use - just drag the actions you want. You can trigger a Workflows to run when a record is created, updated or deleted.

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without the price tag.

Sysflows is designed with enterprise in mind. We build for security, scalability, performance, and high availability. Our system is modular, and we are continually adding new connectors and workflow actions.

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