We would like to integrate much more with Microsoft; both Azure Active Directory and Active Directory. Microsoft integration will also bring alive other items such as Teams integration.

Imagine for a moment that you sign up, and with a few clicks have the whole company signed up. You can then integrate Sysflows in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or others. Not only are we looking at SSO, but also Multi Factor Authentication to keep your accounts secure.

Picture this: Imagine already having your own form on your website but you'd like to take advantage of Tables for the DB and Workflows to make it come alive. API Calls to the rescue.

We are planning to release an agent for Windows, Mac and Linux that acts as a middle man between your on prem infrastructure and our servers. This agent would allow things like: Printing, Home Automation, Local File Share access etc.

Connectors will be released as the corresponding workflow actions are released. For example: Dropbox, SharePoint, MailChimp etc.

Views will allow you to see the data that has been put into your tables. Views will be able to reference multiple tables and the idea is they could be used for reporting, dashboards and more. For example: You might have an Annual Leave Form and you want managers to be able to view the records for just their employees.

The idea of the portal is to have a single page with recently viewed and pinned items. This page would also have a search function allowing the user to search for forms they have access to. This could then be fully integrated with Teams for example. Imagine this. Opening your teams and you have a 'Sysflows' button that gives you the ability to search your business processes and from there you can just fill in the appropriate form: for example: New Equipment Request, New user request, Launch Spaceship, Book UPS pickup.