Tables are an integral part of Sysflows. A table contains all your data and is made up of columns. Forms and Workflows link directly to a table so to make it easier to navigate, you will also find both of these under Tables.

Creating a table

To create a new table:

Enter a name. Please note that the name should not contain any spaces. For example: ListOfStudents, Products, AnnualLeaveRequests et al.

  1. Click Tables in the side navigation menu
  2. Click Create New Table in the content area
  3. Enter a name for the table in the Table Name field
  4. Select how you would like to create. For example: Create from Scratch
  5. Click Create.

Deleting a table

Deleting a table can be done by going to Tables and clicking the 'Delete' icon as below.

Column Data Types

  1. TEXT
    Text for all kinds of data. If a column could contain both numbers and letters use TEXT.
    Use number if it will only ever be a number. This field is great for calculations, prices etc.
    Use to store dates. Date and time functions can be used with this field
    Used to store images and files
    Used to reference individuals in your organisation

Creating a Column

  1. Open the Tables that you're working on
  2. Click the Columns tab
  3. Click Add Column button
  4. Enter the name of the column and select the DataType (ie. Text, Number, Person etc)

Deleting a column