Configuring Notifications with Pushover

PushOver is a solution that can send notifications to your iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop. We integrate with Pushover allowing you to easily send notifications from your workflows to your device(s).

Sign up for an account at Pushover

Pushover has a 30 trial and then depending on your usage/structure is either a small one off fee or a monthly fee per user.

Generate a new Application/API Token

  1. Login to Pushover
  2. On the home page under "Your Applications" select "Create an Application/API Token"
  3. Give your application a name of your choice
  4. Click "Create Application"
  5. Take note of the API Token for later use. This is known as the API Token
  6. Download the app on your phone/device
  7. Login to the account on the phone
  8. The device should register
  9. Take note of the device ID. This is known as the Device ID

Create a new Connector in Sysflows

  1. Ender the API Token that you recorded earlier
  2. Enter the Device ID you recorded earlier
  3. Click "Test". You should now receive a test message

Add 'Push Notification' to a workflow

  1. Drag the 'Push Notification' action to your workflow
  2. Click to open the properties
  3. Enter the Device ID (The userID)
  4. Enter the message to send